How to become an editor of La Voyageuse?


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Have you experienced a special, inspiring journey?
Have you had an incredible anecdote during your stay that you would like to tell?
Your town or region is beautiful and you want to share it with others by praising its merits?
Well, at La Voyageuse, we are very fond of your testimonials.
So we invite you to share your experiences with us through an article that may be read by our entire community of solo travellers and supportive hosts!
If your article is validated by the team and published on our blog, it might even be rewarded with a free Pass.
We explain the different steps to follow (you'll see, it's very simple!).

Step n°1 : how to write an article ?

1. Choose your theme
An anecdote, an experience, a testimony...
The subjects are varied and depend on what you want to share.
The story of a solo trip, the discovery of a region that is close to your heart, feminist subjects and commitment to the emancipation of women... 
The only limit is you.
My personal tip : 
When I can’t find inspiration, I listen to songs and music that motivate me. From Verdi's operas to Balavoine, everything is good for inspiration!
2. Respect a style of writing
If you read the different articles of the blog you will recognize a certain style that appears regularly.
In several points how to get closer to it:
- Avoid texts that are too poetic, with slang or vulgar.
- Think about what may be offensive before you write it and don't be too judgmental.
- Don't mix languages too much, but feel free to quote monuments or specialities in their original language.
- And finally go hunting for spelling and grammar mistakes (of course, a few typos can slip through the cracks, nobody is perfect!).
For more details concerning this part we made another text explaining how to write the perfect article with some tips from our expert. 
3. Check the number of words
We only ask for a minimum of 600 words.
You'll see, once you start writing, the words follow each other ... And you suddenly find yourself with a much longer article than you thought!
So 1000, 2000 or 3000 words... To each his own inspiration.
4. Add images
A few quality photos to illustrate your text, it is always more pleasant to support the reading.
All we ask is that the photos you share be free of copyright (so you can use your own photos if you agree to have them published).

Step n°2: how to propose my article to the team of La Voyageuse ?

Follow these few steps and you're done.

1. Go to La Voyageuse's website and log in to your account.
2. Click on "blog" in the menu and then on the small pen at the bottom of your screen.
3. Fill in the various forms:
- Title of your article, 
- Language (French, unless you feel like writing in English, which would be to your credit), 
- Cover photo (copyright free please!), to be retrieved from your computer files,
- Theme of your article,
- Tags (3 maximum)
- And finally, the content of your article.
4. Click on "create the article" then "publish this article".
And TADAM, here is your article ready to be studied by our team.
Do you notice an error, a missing element? Don't panic: you can always modify your text.
It will remain accessible from your profile.

Step n°3: and then ?

Send us your cookies to 9 rue Darbon 33000 in Bordeaux and we may publish your article ...
Ok ok, that was a joke, we love cookies but you don't have to send us any. We'll read your article and if it matches all the criteria and we're happy with it, we'll publish it on our blog and we'll send you a message.
But be careful: in this case, you agree that we can make some changes to it.
The content and the heart will not change, of course. We will only make final touch-ups (spelling, keywords, subtitle, etc.).
So, now that I've explained everything to you, all I have to do is wait for your cookies, uh, sorry... To encourage you to take your feathers and share your best stories with us!

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