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Inspiration Destination NomadSister Team Tips & Hacks


My solo trip from West to East in Mexico

To put it in context briefly, solo travel for me has always been a source of inspiration, self-discovery and openness. I was lucky enough to experience solo travel when I was 22 years old. I started...



Best places for holidays with friends

That's it! You've finally managed to find a date when you and all your friends are available to go away together. You've been waiting for this for so long, it's a good thing. Now the next step is to f...



Discover Europe for less: 5 budget-friendly cities to explore

Going on a solo trip is so rejuvenating, no matter where you go. Of course, being on a beach in Australia is a change of scenery, but if I had to budget so much for each solo trip... Well, I'd go ever...



Top 5 destinations for a solo adventure

Whether you're a rebellious teenager, a woman just starting out in life or a newly retired woman, we've all dreamed of adventure at least once. For me, it's something that drives me every day, and I'm...



From coast to culture: 6 best places to explore in Spain

 If I told you flamenco, paella or tapas and sun, which country comes to your mind? Spain of course! This country with red and yellow colors where life is good. It gives off a good mood that attracts ...



Best places in the UK to travel solo

What about a trip to Great Britain? I know that most of the time, what comes first in mind is London and its famous Big Ben. But there are many other incredible landscapes to discover. I'll tell you...



Top destinations for solo travel worldwild

 Commute, work, sleep, and the next day, it's the same thing. I dream of escaping, for a moment, from my monotonous daily life. I close my eyes and imagine myself somewhere else: lying on a deserted ...



Discover Europe's finest: My top 5 destination picks

Hey, don't you want to get some fresh air? Of course you can give yourself that, you've earned it! When I go on a solo trip, organizing is a bit like cooking for me. So I will share with you my menu...



Quebec, a great place to travel solo

  Quebec, this region of Canada where green spaces and nature are present as far as the eye can see, where we eat the best poutines and where people are so welcoming... But is it a reality or a myth? ...



Women in Dubai, lets break down prejudices!

Ah! Dubai, just by mentioning its name, a whole bunch of preconceived ideas come to my mind. Yet, have I ever been there? Absolutely not.  A destination prized by influencers and reality TV stars, w...



Menorca, the singular island of the Balearic Islands

It's been more than a year now since I have been to Menorca! If you read my last article you'll understand that 2019 was the year of trips for me, who is not yet a great traveller. Switzerland and the...



My first solo trip in Switzerland

It took me a long time to go on my own on this adventure and to discover new lands! Travelling alone requires a lot of courage. Switzerland was my first solo travel destination.  At that time, I didn...



Top 5 february destinations to visit in France

February. A cold month, where night falls quickly, the festivities are over, summer is still far away... The list could go on and on, but there is another one that interests me much more: all the bene...



Chasing the sun in February: Hot destinations to visit

You are tired, a little numb, and you caught a slight cold. It's normal, it's February. The doctor has prescribed you some vitamins: "two pills in the morning before drinking your coffee, it will boo...



Bulgaria: my unlikely girls trip

Do you dream of escaping, of a thrill of freedom? So do I. That's why I've organised a trip with my friend.  But it turned out to be much more surprising than what I expected... <h2>March 2018, gir...



Consider a solo trip to the mountains in France

Majestic, imposing, sublime, capricious are the first words that come to mind when I think of "mountain" and I easily think of mountain when I feel the need to escape, to take some fresh air. Fortunat...



Autumn in France: Top destinations for October.

An autumn getaway? At first glance, this is not necessarily what I enjoy the most. October, Autumn, All Saints' Day... the period I often associated with fallen leaves, rain, cold; in short, with all...



Top cheap places to visit in France

There it is, a crazy desire to travel, the only problem is that you haven't thought about putting aside any money and after your last trip with your travel buddies your bank account is not expandable....



Exploring the heart of Paris in the Winter

Paris in the Winter is a magical place.  The trees reveal their fractal patterns, and the cafes, galleries, cathedrals and museums are not jammed with tourists.  On January 11, 2020, I flew from Mala...



The Grand Journey

The plane floats above the clouds. I observe the light that sculpts the vaporous carpet on which my present is. The wadding of white clouds and the azure sky come together to paint the horizon.  I am...



Lesbian Ghosts on a Road Trip, from Paris to Palermo and Istanbul at the beginning of the new century

A Love Journey of Discovery or Drifting from Sexual to Cultural Invisibility.  It was the 14th of July, 2000. I was flying from Paris to Palermo. I was to visit Sicily for the first time.  Years befo...