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Inspiration Destination NomadSister Team Tips & Hacks

NomadSister Team

How to become a writer and get some nice discounts

Have you experienced a special, inspiring trip?  Did you have an incredible story during a trip that you would like to tell?  Your city or region is magnificent and you want to share it with others b...


NomadSister Team

Refer a your friend and receive a free Pass

Many of you have shown us your support by talking about us around you, by giving us moving feedbacks on your encounters.   That's why we wanted to thank you, but also thank our future travellers.   We...


NomadSister Team

Our exclusive guide for solo travellers

Travelling alone. For me, it is really the best way to discover oneself, to open one's mind and simply to live a most enriching experience. It makes us grow, become more autonomous and above all, it g...


NomadSister Team

Get involved in a supportive community.

The heart of NomadSister is mutual aid. Without it, there would be no hostesses; Without hostesses, there would be no travellers. The involvement of each member of the community is therefore essential...


NomadSister Team

Take part in an eco-tour, destination France

At La Voyageuse, we encourage all women to embark on a solo journey, to discover this feeling of freedom, the beauty of the world around us. We want to show all the pleasure that can be found close t...


NomadSister Team

My expert advices to writing a good article

Writing an article is rather complicated when you think about it, writing in this way, respecting this style, grammar, a lot of little details not to be forgotten to build a beautiful story.  You wan...


NomadSister Team

NomadSister: After 2020, what's the plan ?

Aaah! 2020, a year that was starting so well… You don't remember? NomadSister had started the year on a very positive note with a selection by the World Tourism Organization for a competition of inno...


NomadSister Team

Finding a female host is easy: follow the guide!

You are going on a solo holiday soon? You have an idea of a perfect destination? You bought your Pass? Then all you have to do is find a female host ready to welcome you for your trip and follow our ...


NomadSister Team

The importance of a safe couchsurfing option for solo female travelers

Literally, couchsurfing isn’t quite striking as a word, don’t you think? Yet, couchsurfing is now a reference in the world of tourism and for a good reason: since 2004, it allows millions of users to...


NomadSister Team

Domestic violence victim, the Pass can be offered to you

<h2>A response to the increase in female domestic violence </h2> La Voyageuse is a community built upon mutual help and women’s solidarity. We never stop thinking about what we can do more to empower...


NomadSister Team

Our latest measures about the COVID-19

Dear Community, Below you’ll find our latest updates concerning our adaptation of our services facing the COVID-19 for both our travelers and hosts. Please carefully read the following announcement, c...


NomadSister Team

I created the best Couchsurfing for solo femal traveller

81% of the women consider the fear of aggression to be the main obstacle to a solo journey. Many of them will simply give up this adventure and choose to go with friends, with a man, with their family...


NomadSister Team

NomadSister - Why is it a company rather than an NGO?

Choosing to create a company rather than a non-profit association for NomadSister is a choice that is long-thought out. We can think that the associative model allows us to manage more easily - and wi...