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Tips & Hacks

7 tips for a successful trip with friends: Travel like a pro

Going on a trip with your girlfriends is both exciting and scary. Many people around me have tried it and it turned out to be a disaster: repeated arguments, poor understanding, etc. Of course, this i...


Tips & Hacks

Backpack volume guide: I went from a 60-litre to a 45-litre backpack

December 25th 2016, departure from India My first solo trip with my backpack. I leave with my 60-litre backpack, fully loaded. After a month of living in this country of many colours, I let myself b...


Tips & Hacks

5 necessary items for solo travelers

Do you know the necessary items to travel solo as a woman? You may not have thought about it, but don't worry, I did it for you. After reading the 10 tips to plan your first solo trip, I was still a ...


Tips & Hacks

Dealing with the stress of organising a first road trip: not an easy thing

Travelling alone, on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, in a community spirit. It's a project I've had in mind since I was 15, at least. But there are a few problems, the main one being that I am a girl...


Tips & Hacks

An encounter and a lovely support for a cause

Hello !  I am one of those inhabitants who like to grow from encounters. I'm not very reactive on the net because I find the days too short to take advantage of what the real world offers.  But here I...


Tips & Hacks

My top apps for travelling solo

When you travel solo, you live incredible moments, and you come back with lots of memories inside your head. But sometimes, you can also go through hard moments. We all found ourselves at least once i...


Tips & Hacks

How to travel on a budget: Insider tips

Travelling, solo or not, is still a luxury, between travel expenses, accommodations, foods and so on, you soon find yourself spending all your monthly salary for a week's holiday in a sunny destinatio...


Tips & Hacks

How to be an eco-friendly traveler?

At a time of debate on the energy transition and the impact of our consumption patterns on the environment, we, travel enthusiasts, cannot ignore the need to consider a a more environmentally friendly...


Tips & Hacks

10 gifts to please a woman passionate about solo traveling

It snows, it is cold, night falls quickly: Lapland is, at first sight, a hostile territory. However, this remote region of Northern Finland offers an exceptional gift to the few brave women who are a...


Tips & Hacks

6 unexpected events to anticipate when you travel the world

Passport: OK. Sunglasses: OK. Phone battery: OK. Yet you know it, you feel it: you're missing something.  You look at your suitcase with an inquisitive eye, as if it's going to answer you. "Come on,...


Tips & Hacks

The different solutions for free accommodation

Ah trips, the discovery of a new city, a new culture, getting rid of stress and finally resting. Well... almost. The activities to book, the hotel to pay for, the suitcases to prepare, that makes a ...


Tips & Hacks

Travel with buddies: between myths and realities

I remember the day Laura suggested that we travel with our friends. That was a few years ago. We were a small group of four girls who were broke, but we were a tight-knit group of students and we wan...


Tips & Hacks

My checklist for a road trip

After my many solo trips I decided to try a road-trip. It was a great adventure that I recommend to everyone, but the preparation was quite sporty.  I'll share with you my checklist of what I conside...


Tips & Hacks

Some of my travel advice for a solo trip

Can you smell that delicious travel scent? That's because I'm back in my kitchen of advice for female solo travelers. I'm all dressed up: I've put my chef's hat back on, preheated the oven and washe...


Tips & Hacks

The 10 commandments of home sharing

You have been convinced by the good reasons to go on a solo trip and have finally found the couchsurfing platform that suits you best. After having planned everything, you are determined to go on this...


Tips & Hacks

Car, van, bicycle: Choose your own adventure

You've seen how to plan a road trip but still haven't decided which transport you will be using? There are so many of them, it's difficult to get an idea until you've tried them out. How about makin...


Tips & Hacks

How to plan a road trip?

You are now convinced of the good reasons to go on a solo trip and have the firm intention to go on an adventure. There are so many destinations to choose from? What if you didn't choose? [https://...


Tips & Hacks

Couchsurfing: which platform to choose

You loved to discover what is the concept of “couchsurfing”? You are now looking for the best way to try it? I have prepared a list of different couchsurfing solutions available to you today with th...


Tips & Hacks

Advantages and disadvantages of couchsurfing

But what does couchsurfing even mean? Do you dream of surfing on a couch? That's the translation of this practice! That said, not sure if you would stay afloat… Couchsurfing is quite simply in its ...


Tips & Hacks

Hotel VS Homesharing: an awesome battle

I don't know about you, but I loved the epic battle between the solo trip and the trip with travel buddies Fanny introduced us to. So, we meet again today for a new fight: sleeping in a hotel VS homes...


Tips & Hacks

I traveled solo with my baby, it was amazing!

Mother of one or more babies you hesitate to go on a trip with them? You don't dare to try it: fear of the judgement of those around you, difficulties in organising yourself or questions about your c...


Tips & Hacks

Solo vs. group travel: Which one is right for you?

You're thinking about it.  You hesitate.  You weigh the pros and cons.  But nothing you can, you just can't decide! Two days earlier, your friends offered you a great girls vacation to go on a sunny...


Tips & Hacks

Tips for women traveling alone: Stay safe and confident

Well, how do you make a carrot cake?  250g of ground almonds, 4 grated carrots, sugar and eggs. Mix everything together, grease a mould and put it in the oven, bake it at 180°C for 45 minutes. Serve a...


Tips & Hacks

10 tips for planning your first solo adventure

You've never been on a solo travel, but seeing all these women discovering their region and the world makes you feel adventurous. Ready to face the unknown yes, but where do you start? You've never o...


Tips & Hacks

Between Misunderstandings and Unexpectations... Travelers, Hosts, get ready!

It does not matter how well prepared you think you are for your leaving, you won’t be able to predict everything. And that is one of the reasons why we go for an adventure: to live an unexpected expe...


Tips & Hacks

Let’s talk about SEX…Surfing

When I talk about my solo trips, a question I’m constantly asked, ‘’Are you not scared about your personal security?’’ I would be lying if I said I was never scared. Our world isn’t that wonderful! W...


Tips & Hacks

8 Tips for Shy Solo Female Travellers

<h2>1. Start small, ask questions, chit chat</h2> I know, being a shy solo traveller is already a daunting and scary experience itself, let alone going to a restaurant alone! Trust me, I’ve been ther...


Tips & Hacks

My 7kg backpack packing secrets

In my daily life, I am a quality manager for a well-known French brand. I control the standards, make sure that everything goes well in the production plants, analyze the defective products, surroun...


Tips & Hacks

Hitchhiking Security Rules for solo female travelers

I hitchhike. Look at the horizon of the road, standing, backpack at my feet, arm stretched out, holding a sign indicating an unusual destination. Smile at the passing cars, a friendly greeting of th...