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Backpack volume guide: I went from a 60-litre to a 45-litre backpack


December 25th 2016, departure from India

My first solo trip with my backpack.

I leave with my 60-litre backpack, fully loaded. After a month of living in this country of many colours, I let myself be attracted by different purchases to bring back things asked by my friends, souvenirs for my children... Long story short, I am facing a problem: how to fit all this into my bag!

The moment came when I realised that my bag was "badly filled". Until then I had not exploited all the possibilities, all the free space. Faced with a certain "obligation", I took out all my things and I remembered some backpack volume guide I had read before my departure, but putting it to practice seemed secondary to me!

Fold all the clothes, clean and dirty, then roll them tightly: a way to compress space and to have clothes with little or no creases too! Putting my bag vertically to load it, instead of horizontally, because it had a top-to-bottom closure for easier access. And so, for ease of use, until then, I stacked my stuff like a suitcase.

I saved almost 30% of my space: what a joy!

So, back in France, I decided to follow the backpack volume guide and invest in a 45-litre backpack (with a 50-litre option) and a size that would allow me to put my bag in the cabin on flights. Since then, each time I travel, I fill my new backpack consciously, taking care to use all the space and thus being able to travel with a free mind...

Sofi, traveller between France and Morocco for over 2 years

Translated from French by Ines El Aoufir


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