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Inspiration Destination NomadSister Team Tips & Hacks


My solo trip from West to East in Mexico

To put it in context briefly, solo travel for me has always been a source of inspiration, self-discovery and openness. I was lucky enough to experience solo travel when I was 22 years old. I started...



Best places for holidays with friends

That's it! You've finally managed to find a date when you and all your friends are available to go away together. You've been waiting for this for so long, it's a good thing. Now the next step is to f...


NomadSister Team

How to become a writer and get some nice discounts

Have you experienced a special, inspiring trip?  Did you have an incredible story during a trip that you would like to tell?  Your city or region is magnificent and you want to share it with others b...


Tips & Hacks

7 tips for a successful trip with friends: Travel like a pro

Going on a trip with your girlfriends is both exciting and scary. Many people around me have tried it and it turned out to be a disaster: repeated arguments, poor understanding, etc. Of course, this i...


NomadSister Team

Refer a your friend and receive a free Pass

Many of you have shown us your support by talking about us around you, by giving us moving feedbacks on your encounters.   That's why we wanted to thank you, but also thank our future travellers.   We...


NomadSister Team

Our exclusive guide for solo travellers

Travelling alone. For me, it is really the best way to discover oneself, to open one's mind and simply to live a most enriching experience. It makes us grow, become more autonomous and above all, it g...



Discover Europe for less: 5 budget-friendly cities to explore

Going on a solo trip is so rejuvenating, no matter where you go. Of course, being on a beach in Australia is a change of scenery, but if I had to budget so much for each solo trip... Well, I'd go ever...



My experience with NomadSister: A review

Do you remember the last time you did something for the first time? Of course, with the lockdown, nothing was simple, and our once obvious impulses were cut off in mid-air. Yet there are still jou...



My homestay with seven amazing hostesses

I discovered SisterHome by chance, at the beginning of 2021, when a friend told me about it as part of the "Challenge La Voyageuse 2021".  I was in the process of preparing a solo bike tour of France,...


Tips & Hacks

Backpack volume guide: I went from a 60-litre to a 45-litre backpack

December 25th 2016, departure from India My first solo trip with my backpack. I leave with my 60-litre backpack, fully loaded. After a month of living in this country of many colours, I let myself b...


Tips & Hacks

5 necessary items for solo travelers

Do you know the necessary items to travel solo as a woman? You may not have thought about it, but don't worry, I did it for you. After reading the 10 tips to plan your first solo trip, I was still a ...


Tips & Hacks

Dealing with the stress of organising a first road trip: not an easy thing

Travelling alone, on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, in a community spirit. It's a project I've had in mind since I was 15, at least. But there are a few problems, the main one being that I am a girl...


Tips & Hacks

An encounter and a lovely support for a cause

Hello !  I am one of those inhabitants who like to grow from encounters. I'm not very reactive on the net because I find the days too short to take advantage of what the real world offers.  But here I...



Journeying solo across France: Travelers share their stories

You may have heard about it, in April 2021, we launched the very first edition of #lavoyageusechallenge2021 in partnership with France EcoTours.  The goal was very simple: to travel around France solo...


NomadSister Team

Get involved in a supportive community.

The heart of NomadSister is mutual aid. Without it, there would be no hostesses; Without hostesses, there would be no travellers. The involvement of each member of the community is therefore essential...