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Inspiration Destination NomadSister Team Tips & Hacks


My experience with NomadSister: A review

Do you remember the last time you did something for the first time? Of course, with the lockdown, nothing was simple, and our once obvious impulses were cut off in mid-air. Yet there are still jou...



My homestay with seven amazing hostesses

I discovered SisterHome by chance, at the beginning of 2021, when a friend told me about it as part of the "Challenge La Voyageuse 2021".  I was in the process of preparing a solo bike tour of France,...



Journeying solo across France: Travelers share their stories

You may have heard about it, in April 2021, we launched the very first edition of #lavoyageusechallenge2021 in partnership with France EcoTours.  The goal was very simple: to travel around France solo...



At 17 years old, I chose Colombia for my solo trip.

  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of travelling the world, discovering new places and meeting people from all countries.  Travelling solo, learning about different cultures. When...



9 New Year's Eve games for enthusiasts travellers

5...4...3...2...1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You read it shouting as enthusiastic as on the evening of the 31st, didn't you ? Ah celebrations, a moment of sharing and conviviality.  You are the host and yo...



7 easy and exotic recipes for a festive New Year's Eve

Plates are like plane windows. They reflect a whole world, which differs according to the colours, reliefs and textures you see right in front of you. A plate is a glimpse of a distant destination. ...



QUIZ: Where to go travelling alone? Find the destination that suits you best.

Do you prefer warm countries, northern territories or remote areas?  Every place in the world has its specificity and even if, in life, you more or less know what you like, in terms of countries, it'...



Today's globetrotter: Indiana Jones VS Lara Croft

If I say "globetrotter", you will certainly think of a bearded guy armed with a backpack, a Swiss Army knife and who has just spent a week living on his own? A kind of Indiana Jones without the hidden...



The 5 reasons that drive you to take solo adventure

Solo trips are a lifestyle, the first time is always a big step, a step to take and for some, it is even a way to empower oneself or to go against the flow. In order to understand the motivations beh...



Managing Mental Load: Tips to Stop Overexerting Yourself

Monday evening, 6pm. Another long working day is coming to an end.  Let it go! What could you be doing... Reading under a plaid? Watching your favourite series? Enjoying a beer on the terrace with ...



'Girls only' trend: Is it a good or bad thing?

I am a woman. Well, more precisely, when I was born, they considered my biological sex and said to my parents "congratulations, it's a girl!"  The midwives washed me before putting me in my mother's...



Survivor of violence: how solo travel save her life

Patricia, a 61 years old French woman, agreed to testify about her past as a victim of violence.  She lived for three years with an aggressive husband, menacing for her and their son, Arnaud.  Today...



Quiz: Which Travel Companion Is Right for You?

It's finally time to plan your next trip. Once you've found out which kind of adventurer you are, all you have to do is find out who to go with. There are many kinds of travel friends, you can't imag...



What type of traveller are you?

Beginner or extreme adventuress, each one has her own style and desires. You’ve only been on a few trips and often with somebody? I am convinced that you still have a part of the adventurer inside y...



What to do about violence against women across the globe?

One is not born, but rather dies a woman. This is the slogan displayed by some women demonstrators to denounce the violence suffered by women around the world. A diversion of Simone de Beauvoir's fam...



In France: what the situation about violence against women?

1... Not one more! 2... Not one more! 3... Not one more! And this goes up to 149.  Does it seem long to you?  Yet, I am talking about the 149 femicides in France in 2019. As I began writing this art...



The 7 good reasons to go on a solo holiday

Going on a solo holiday, an expression that has certainly already made you dream.  A getaway, an escape, an emancipation which, sometimes, can be necessary to (re)build yourself.  Raise the sail to ...



How does the desire to hike alone come to me?

My name is Anne-Marie, I am 63 years old. I have been retired for 7 years and the desire to go away on my own came to me 4 years ago. <h2>1. A first missed opportunity</h2> I had been working as a n...



I'm Asian, and I travel solo

One of the main reasons why I chose to travel alone is that I can explore the world at my own pace. If you have just a bit of courage, huge curiosity about the world and strong desire to get to know...



How I became a solo traveler as a shy girl

During my childhood days, I was always THE SHY GIRL who preferred burying herself in books than talking to others. <h2> 1. From a shy girl to a solo traveler... What a long way</h2> I was a bookwor...