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9 New Year's Eve games for enthusiasts travellers




You read it shouting as enthusiastic as on the evening of the 31st, didn't you ?

Ah celebrations, a moment of sharing and conviviality. 

You are the host and you have thought of almost everything and this almost is the animation of the party.

Between the differences in ages and interests, how to keep everyone happy and amused?

How about a trip around the world with games that will make you travel from your living room! These games can be played in groups, but they can also be part of the 10 best gifts for a female solo traveller, perfect for a first contact with other travel lovers!

New Years Eve games to play with the family:

Whether it's the 24th, 25th or 31st, the whole family is together and the conversations are going well. Who says family means all generations and between the children who can't hold still and the grandparents who prefer a little rest, it's better to keep the little ones busy and satisfy the older ones with a board game. 

One thing is sure, it is not the stories and political debates of Uncle Tom that will make you travel, so let's find our first destination...

Starting with a classic: 

  • Ushuaïa
A board and question/answer game from the show of the same name, Ushuaïa takes you on a journey of discovery of the world. Adventurers and adventuresses, get ready, between expeditions in the jungle and all kinds of enigmas, who will succeed in accomplishing his mission first?

The aim of the game is simple, complete your expedition. To do this, each player moves around the different photos on the board by answering various questions about the fauna and flora of the world. To win: exploration tokens to be won according to the questions and challenges that you answer, which will enable you to complete your mission sheet and win the game!

Between the discovery of the wonders of the earth and the animals of all horizons, thanks to its magnificent photos, Ushuaïa will certainly make you travel.

My opinion:
A perfect game to spend an evening with your friends and family, which will please both the little ones with the beautiful images taken from the Ushuaïa shows, and the grown-ups who will be able to test their culture on subjects from all over the world.

A beautiful adventure in paradisiacal islands, but now we took the train to go on a trip. Solo or in a group, the train is a good way to travel, so choose your train and let's go!

Host 2.png

  • Ticket to ride
Ticket to Ride - Europe
Ticket to Ride - Europe
For a New Year's Eve party, plunge straight into this railway adventure in the Europe of the 1900s. From the ramparts of Edinburgh to the docks of Constantinople to St Petersburg's main railway station, through tunnels, stations and ferries, it's up to you to put in place the right strategy to win the game...

Aim of the game: To obtain a maximum number of points by arriving at a secret station, randomly picked at the beginning of the game. To do this, each player must take possession of stretches of road using "train car" cards with specific colours to be combined, while preventing the others from completing their route. A tactical game where the management of the cards in hand is the key to collecting the most points and counteracting your opponents!

My opinion:
A game that will bring the whole family together around the board with rules that are easy to assimilate and a reflection that will bring out the great strategist in you. And to travel even further with New Years Eve games, discover the railways of the USA version!

A long journey awaits you, and if you take advantage of it to stop and discover the 7 wonders of the world... 

Follow the guide for a new adventure!

  • 7 Wonders 
7 wonders
7 wonders
Take the head of one of the seven great cities of the ancient world and make it as prosperous and influential as possible. Lead Babylon, Ephesus or even Rhodes with your best empress skills to make history and surpass your opponents. Between the development of natural resources, scientific progress and commercial and military relations, it's up to you to assert your supremacy! Build your empire and your monumental wonder to reign throughout the world.

The aim of the game, as you will certainly have understood, is to make your empire prosper through the 3 ages (or eras if you prefer) made up of 6 towers each. To do this, each player plays a card from his hand and passes the remaining cards. The cards then rotate between the participants who play 6 each to develop their strategy. In each round, there are three possible actions, building their city, developing the wonder that attaches to it or collecting money.

My opinion:
A strategic game where prosperity is the keyword. It's up to you to make your city grow so that it becomes rich, powerful and magnificent. A challenge for the youngest and a real battle for the oldest... Who will be the future Cleopatra?

Board games are fun, but between all the pawns to collect, the coins to pick up and all to put away at the end of the game, with the world at the table, you are sure to lose half of it...

How about a game of cards to enjoy it even from the sofa?

Put on your backpack and head off to the four corners of the world with our next game.

  • Wonders of the world
Wonders of the world
Wonders of the world
You saw seven Wonders in the previous game, but there are many more wonders and splendours across the continents. So let's get the culture going with this family card game.
Do you know in which year the Eiffel Tower was created or where Machu Picchu is located? Test your knowledge and travel with this New Years Eve game!

The aim of the game is very simple: to give the right answer to as many questions as possible about the wonders of this world. Landscapes, monuments and heritage between dates and specificities, it's all there. How far will your knowledge on the subject go?

My opinion:
A simple game without any complicated strategic parts, perfect to liven up a family party and to apprize all ages on travel subjects. With more than 200 questions to answer, no time to get bored.

New Year's Eve with the family is great, but after a certain age you just want to celebrate it with your friends. So what about our next step if we leave in the direction of parties with friends? Because they too have the right to have fun!

New Years Eve games to play with friends:

Crazy evening with many drinks, on the 31st everybody gets loose. But there comes a moment when the initial interest falls back a little. This is your moment, the host of the evening, to bring out a board game to get the party going again. Between challenges, personal anecdotes and crazy laughters, you will learn as much about the world as about your friends.

How about starting with a little dice game? Push the beers off the table, and get ready to roll the dice and tell your best stories...

  • Story Cubes Voyage 
Story Cubes Voyages
Story Cubes Voyages
"An octopus enters a circus and talks to a crowned snake...", a rather strange and very unlikely phrase, isn't it? That's the point, here you'll have to prepare your best storytelling voice to make your friends travel from the living room. Yes, I know this New Years Eve game is French. But no worries, there are no cards and the rules are really easy to understand.

The aim of the game is very simple, roll 9 dice, all with symbols related to the travel theme. From there your creativity comes into play, start with "Once upon a time..." and go for a crazy story featuring the nine drawings represented on your dice. To spice things up with friends, assign a given time and tokens at the end of the story to challenge the participants. So how far will your imagination go? 

My opinion:
A game that guarantees improbable adventures, each one crazier than the last. Enough to liven up the atmosphere and create great memories. So my only question remains: Will you manage to finish your story?

And for even more possibilities, combine the dice with other versions such as Story Cubes Actions, Fantasia or even Star Wars, to create a festive atmosphere!

After these great stories, it's time to get back on the road, but first let's stop at a hostess to prepare an easy recipe for travelling in the New Year, a culinary escape guaranteed. Now that you’re done can we go?


So here we are, no question of choosing a single destination: let's go for a world tour.

  • Itchy Feet
Itchy feet
Itchy feet
This time we go for a game of cards (perfect to take on a trip). With funny cards decorated with drawings and items, here for sure, travel with this New Years Eve game!

The aim of the game: validate a given itinerary at the beginning of the game by collecting cards with the symbols attributed to it. Nothing very complicated, you'll tell me. But to collect new cards you have to go draw, recycle, trade or steal other cards from your opponents. A game of strategy and interaction, it's up to you to play well to double the other players and win the game. 

My opinion:
A great game that can be carried everywhere, with quite simple rules. Perfect to have fun with friends. Between low blows and alliances, be careful not to get into trouble with your friends!

All these games that set a crazy atmosphere, between tears of joy or arguments and tensions of strategic reflection, what if we took the pressure off with a meditative trip to Japan?

  • Tokaido
For those who are passionate about Japanese culture, with this board game you will be served. Thanks to the beautiful drawings which compose it, you will leave directly for an initiatory journey in the Japan of yesteryear by surveying Tokaido, the legendary road of the East Sea linking Kyoto to Edo.

The aim of the game is to earn the most points thanks to tokens collected throughout the journey and given to the "Temple". To do this, different cards (meetings, souvenirs, meals...) are drawn by the players during their itinerary. Contemplation of beautiful landscapes, tasting of culinary specialities or unforgettable encounters, set off on the journey of a lifetime to come back with unforgettable memories.

My opinion: 
A game with its theme surrounding Japanese culture with beautiful colours and drawings, ideal to start New Years Eve games with friends, or to calm it down a bit. For those who prefer to add a little spice, there are even extensions like Crossroads or Matsuri for an even crazier trip.

With friends or family, there are some must-have New Years Eve games to liven up an evening between travel lovers, but who says you necessarily have to go far away? 

Let's rediscover some not-so-far countries with games focusing on France.

New Years Eve games on France:

Let's start with a bit of culture, follow me, you're going to love it. And if you want to travel for real, you can always go and see our cheap places to visit in France


  • Brainbox: On The Go France
BrainBox Voyages en France
BrainBox Voyages en France
The classic Eiffel Tower, the unavoidable chocolatine of the Southwest (a real French debate) or the very recognizable flag of Brittany, some French clichés that almost everybody knows how to recognize. But do you know the other regions of France as well? It's time to test your culture.

The aim of the game: to answer more or less simple questions about France. To do this, the player draws a map with drawings related to a region and has ten seconds to memorise as many elements of that region as possible. Then he rolls the dice and answers the question assigned to the number he comes across.

My opinion:
An ideal game to challenge yourself and see who knows the regions of France and their specialities best. Easy to set up and suitable for all ages, who will be the most cultivated?
It's up to you to play to give the right answer to as many questions as possible!

Now that we've gone round the regions, let's head for the south of France for Carcassonne, the fortified city. 

  • Carcassonne
Immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere as you conquer the lands of the South of France. Pursue all kinds of roads and paths, blocking your opponents and imposing your strategy to become the most powerful!

The aim of the game is simply to get the most points on the scoreboard. To do this, in the manner of dominoes, each player places a "landscape card" with pieces of roads, fields and fortresses. Depending on the length or size of these, the player who finishes the road or town gets a certain number of points. The game ends when all the cards have been placed and the winner is the one who has collected the most points.

My opinion:
A tactical game with fairly quick games that will appeal to young and old alike. Between predefined strategy or simple opportunism, build your kingdom and dethrone your opponents. Will you be the next queen of the South?

What a day, in  just a few hours you've already been around the world, or almost. With the head full of memories, it's time to go back home after this trip with your family or travel buddies, heading for your bed for one last step towards the land of dreams.

Finally you can very well find New Years Eve games and travel while staying warm in your living room, eco-friendly and low-cost, can you imagine anything better?

Just kidding, nothing beats going on a solo holiday to live a real adventure!


The editorial team:

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first-time adventurer, all NomadSister editors are passionate about travel. They share their advice and experiences with the desire to give you wings!

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