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Quiz: Which Travel Companion Is Right for You?


It's finally time to plan your next trip. Once you've found out which kind of adventurer you are, all you have to do is find out who to go with.

There are many kinds of travel friends, you can't imagine who could be your ideal companion.

But which one should you choose?

It's up to you to find out!

solo travel 2.png

Question 1: When you go away, with or without a travel friend, you like:

A) Partying, going out, seeing people.

B) To rest and enjoy your stay in an idyllic setting.

C) To take beautiful walks in the city or in the forest.

D) To take advantage of the opportunity to concentrate on yourself, to recharge your batteries.

Question 2: If I tell you ‘secret’, you think of:

A) Stacey, your best friend since childhood, you can’t think of spending a day without her.

B) Your beloved, you entrust him/her so much.

C) Toffee your cat and Chocolate your dog, they may not answer you, but you know that they listen to you (and even speak to you in your mind).

D) No one in particular, you're not the type to share a secret and prefer to keep everything to yourself.

Question 3: Your holiday essentials:

A) Your selfie stick to take your best pictures by posing like a model.

B) Earplugs so you don't have to listen to your fellow travellers snoring.

C) A good pair of hiking boots to be able to walk along various paths.

D) Headphones to hear only the music and you.

Question 4: For the accommodation you prefer:

A) A beautiful villa by the sea, perfect for enjoying and having fun.

B) A small house or a hotel rented for the week with a double bed and a bathtub, something romantic.

C) A small chalet in the mountains surrounded by greenness, ideal to recharge your batteries.

D) A bed & breakfast, a room in a local house, something original and exotic.


Question 5: Your perfect evening is:

A) Restaurant, then dancing bar and possibly the nightclub.

B) Meal around a good wine, walk under the moonlight and discuss the next day's planning.

C) A quiet dinner in your room and channel surfing before falling asleep in front of a TV. 

D) Typical dish of the region and meeting with locals, total immersion.

Question 6: To manage your budget when you travel or in your daily life you:

A) Spend without thinking about it, you only have one life after all.

B) Ask your beloved for advice (or even let him or her manage it).

C) Buy carefully, make lists, you don't want to exceed your budget.

D) Use an app to make sure you always keep an eye on your spending while enjoying yourself.

Question 7: You are going away with a travel friend, what are your expectations of him/her?

A) That he or she follows you on your various expeditions without flinching but also gives you his or her opinion on activities to try.

B) That he or she is calm, consults with you on decisions, that you have your word to say and that you can discuss as adults.

C) May he follow you in all your adventures and always be ready to move with you.

D) That he/she wants to discover as much as you do and don't deppreciate all your ideas for a tan on the beach.

Question 8: People say that you are:

A) Super friendly, you're talkative, love to chat.

B) Calm and patient.

C) Hyperactive, you like to move and exercise.

D) Curious, eager to learn.

Question 9: You are going on an expedition with a group, you:

A) Are so happy, it's an opportunity to meet great travel friends.

B) Enjoy the moment in this heavenly spot…

C) Don't really listen and would prefer to discover the depths of this forbidden cave.

D) Are annoyed by how this tour is dragging you, you would have taken less time on your own.

Question 10: It is raining outside, you are forced to stay in your accommodation, you:

A) Call your girlfriends and enjoy a spa day.

B) Run a nice hot bath sprinkled with rose petals.

C) Grab your pair of trainers and off you go for an indoor sports session.

D) Chat with the people around you and share your adventures with them.

If you have a maximum of A) your ideal travel friend is: Your friends 
Rather like a fiesta or meeting new people at any time, you love your friends and for you, there is nothing more exciting than organizing a trip with them. 

Sunbathing on the beach and discovering the city like real tourists during the day, and having a drink on the terrace at night, you love to spend these moments together. Between photos, anecdotes and laughter of all kinds, you create great memories to tell everyone when you get home. 

Of course not everything is exactly as you planned, between Jessica who wants to go shopping and Clara who is more the type to go for a walk in the forest, going on a trip with travel buddies can be complicated. But this is part of the unexpected events to anticipate when your travel the world. As a super mediator you always end up finding an arrangement that makes your friends the best travel friends to you!

If you have a maximum of B) your ideal travelling friend is: Your beloved one
You love your friends but travelling with them is always complicated. Whereas with your lover, it could not be simpler. He/she knows what you like or don't like and usually ends up giving you what you want. On top of that, in case of problems, you know that he/she will be good advice.

So when the holidays come, whether you need to get together or just want to spice up your life, your beloved is the one you think of.

You know them well and know the kind of activities they will be able to do with you. Whether it's a walk or a romantic day out, you always end up agreeing on an activity that both of you will enjoy...and for a more extreme stay, you can always go on your own to be fully satisfied!

If you have a maximum of C) your ideal travel friend is: Your pets
They mean everything to you, you can't live without them, Pepito, Peanut or Bubble, are always with you. Leaving without your faithful travel friends seems impossible.

You love moving and going on expeditions and know that they will always be there. A night stroll in the forest, a swim in the lake next door, they won't say no, and will follow you anywhere. That's why you prefer to go with your animals, who won't flinch after walking 100 km complaining about their shoes being damaged (yes Carla, you should have worn boots).

It's the same even when you’re just out of the bed, whatever time of day, they will be as enthusiastic as you are about the idea of going on an adventure. You find the perfect destination to go travelling alone and lets go. Moreover, when you practice couchsurfing, some hosts like to receive travellers with a pet (provided he is clean). So for you, the question no longer arises, if you had to choose your ideal travel friend, it would definitely be your beloved pet.

If you have a maximum of D) your ideal travel companion is: Yourself
For you, travel is the best way to recharge your batteries. You have your tips to travel alone as a woman and you can finally break away from your stressful everyday life, discover new horizons and meet new people. To do this, there is no point in going with someone who might jeopardise your stay or thwart your desires. As they say, you are never better served than by yourself, so why not discover this destination in France on your own. 

No one to tell us where to go, who to go with, we decide our planning according to ourselves and only ourselves and that's all the pleasure of going on holiday alone. It is also all the more easy to get in touch with the locals when you are alone, sleeping in a local's house rather than in a hotel, we only need to get in touch with them and have all the keys to discover the region at best. It's also one of the reasons that push you to go on solo trips.

In the end, your only travel friend is yourself and that suits you very well!


The editorial team:

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first-time adventurer, all NomadSister editors are passionate about travel. They share their advice and experiences with the desire to give you wings!

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