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My top apps for travelling solo


When you travel solo, you live incredible moments, and you come back with lots of memories inside your head. But sometimes, you can also go through hard moments. We all found ourselves at least once in uncomfortable positions. I am no exception. But once this bad moment is over, everything is much better, and you can even laugh about the situation.

I am the queen of finding myself in unlikely situations. My relatives even tell me that I could publish a book with all my anecdotes and it could be a success. That's what makes me love traveling, and when I finally find the destination that suits me best, I am always ready to go on an adventure.

To avoid you finding yourself in delicate situations, I propose you to discover my favorite apps for solo travel which will facilitate your life.

City Mapper, one of my favorite apps for solo travel


I start my list of my favorite apps for solo travel with one of the most famous: City Mapper. It is one of the main competitors of Google Maps, where City Mapper’s founder worked before launching the platform. His former boss must be thrilled.

For those who have little or no sense of direction, such as myself, City mapper will be your best friend: it finds the best transport solution to get from A to B and suggests several routes, displaying the travel time and costs. In addition to being available in many cities and all over the world, it is aware of all current disruptions and adapts to traffic. So you can feel at home anywhere in the world.

I personally used it when I went to Athens by myself. I was so comfortable with transportation that you'd think I'd lived there for 20 years. After all, I may have Greek blood running through my veins.

Rome2rio to prepare your trip properly

city mapper.jpeg

It's another application to help not get lost, but also to prepare the trip properly. Rome2rio gives an overview of the travel options available. It is particularly used to analyze ground transportation options, but it also allows you to quickly compare the difference in cost between a trip by plane versus train, bus, car or ferry for instance. 

Rome2rio also provides a list of hotels and attractions that are on your route to book quickly and easily. What exactly does this application not do?

Blablacar to get around easily and cheaply

prepare your luggage.jpeg
I consider Blablacar as the king of carpooling. This application is very practical for passengers who want to travel on a low budget, but also for drivers in order to save money by sharing the costs. In the end, there is something for everyone, and that's what makes this application work so well.

Blablacar is a relatively secure application since the site verifies all the opinions left between conductors and passengers, but also all the members' profiles as well as their ID.

I also used it a lot when I was a student. It's very practical: you can meet very nice people and go for a little ride with them. For those who prefer to travel by hitchhiking, these hitchhiking security rules for solo female travellers could help you.

iOverlander for road trip lovers


It is not well known, and yet, it is a very rich database for nomadic travellers or road trip enthusiasts. Indeed, it's not always easy to know how to plan a road trip, but by downloading iOverlander, you'll have access to a gold mine: accommodations, restaurants or even gas stations, spots where to spend the night, laundromats, water points and even garage owners. In short, a great help, and even indispensable, for those who have chosen the vanlife.

Actually, it was a colleague of mine who told me about this app: she's a big fan of iOverlander since she set up a van in order to travel on a budget. And I can say that she convinced me to download it, which is why it is in the list of my favorite apps for solo travel.

XE Currency to convert money easily


I discovered this application when I went to England because the currency is different from France, where I'm from. This is an important detail to plan when you go on a trip, isn't it?  To help you get prepared, I recommend this article on the 6 unexpected events to anticipate when you travel the world. Personally, it helped me a lot.

Fortunately, XE Currency saved me well as the app allows you to track the exchange rate of different currencies in real time. Thanks to its calculator function, I was able to quickly convert my money into British pounds, but also to transfer money at very low rates.

Many travellers, but also expatriates, use the application which also allows following the currency exchange rate in a wink. My advice: download it before leaving, it will avoid you to be in the same situation as me and which was somewhat embarrassing and annoying. But I can reassure you, the story ended very well and after having my money exchanged, I could taste the best fish&chips of the city I was in. After the effort, we deserve some comfort.

RefillMyBottle to stop dying of thirst for hours

convert Currency.jpeg

This is one of the travel applications to have in your phone that I find quite innovative. I always carry my water bottle in my hand and I can tell you that this application will be very useful. Indeed, it allows you to find places where you can fill your water bottle for free or at a reduced cost. By downloading it, it means less plastic, and it's also the planet that thanks us.

I don't know about you, but I think it's a useful and ecological initiative: indeed, the application shows an overview of your ecological impact, but it also tells you if you drank enough water during the day. I will finally manage to drink my 2 liters of water a day.

Flush to not hold back until you get home


We have all experienced this kind of situation like this one: having a pressing desire but, obviously, no toilet in the area, and then we are in a really uncomfortable situation. But now Flush is here to help.

The application is introduced as a search engine, but for finding toilets. It's simple, fast, and it gathers hundreds of thousands of public toilets that are stored on the app. It also tells you if the toilets are free, paying, accessible to the disabled. In short, everything useful to know. And a little extra, it can be used offline. But who are the geniuses that invented this?

For my accommodation? I use SisterHome


You may have noticed that I didn't mention any application for lodging. The reason is simple. When I go on a trip, I use only one website to find a place to stay, it's SisterHome. Good thing you're already on the website! SisterHome is an online platform that connects solo women travellers with hostesses who welcome them for free. When I learned about violence against women around the world, I decided to take out a yearly subscription and I had access to all the hostesses around the world. I met incredible women with whom I shared convivial moments and that is priceless. Since then, I renew my subscription every year!
lodging with Sisterhome.jpeg

My favorite apps for solo travel really make my life easier and help me to be more organized during my travels. I'm talking about travel apps, but you can use some of them in your daily life, which is why they are so popular. 


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