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Solo mother, let’s go!
With your kids, go and live
an authentic trip.

Discover the world as a family

Go on holidays with your children and see the wonder in their eyes. Live a different journey, meet others and these paths that reserve so many wonderful surprises.

What if it was during the holidays that… your children learned the most?

With your little one(s)…

A single mom and proud to be so! But being an everyday heroine also means having to think about everything all the time. What if you took some break? But what to do with your children... It's pretty simple - just take them with you!

When travelling with your children, offer them, and yourself, a wonderful gift - precious memories that you have lived together.

And your teenager(s)!

Oh adolescence! It's a defining moment in your children's lives, but often you find yourself excluded from it. What better way to live an adventure than doing it while bonding with your teen(s)?

Thanks to NomadSister, you can explore the world together. Disconnected from everyday life, you will meet the hostess who will open her door to you with kindness.

How does it work?


Register, complete your profile

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Validation of your profile

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Contact the hostesses and travel

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Who are our hostesses?

They are women who live alone, with a partner or with their family, and are only volunteers.

They registered on NomadSister to provide a warm shelter to solo female travellers. As they are engaged in contributing to this community, they will be able to guide you and share their world with you. Next time you travel, think about them!.

They’ll warmly open their doors to you, so don’t hesitate to ask them about what they expect from you. They are all different, and their nice gestures and expectations are very personal.

Become a hostess

The safety and its price

We have a team in place to moderate and to verify profiles at every stage of registration.

All profiles that do not meet the criteria for registration and use can be flagged, suspended or sent back for validation. It represents a cost. That is why a contribution from all members is necessary. But to allow women from all over the world to join the community, the fee is flexible (starting from €20), and accommodations are free afterward.

Continuous verification

The platform has been designed from the first steps of registration, through the individual validation of profiles, to the follow-up of travel announcements to ensure maximum security, trip after trip.

Then, the entire community contributes to the safety of the platform. Everyone can report an inactive profile or an inappropriate situation. The moderation team then steps in to assess the situation.

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