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Autumn in France: Top destinations for October.


An autumn getaway? At first glance, this is not necessarily what I enjoy the most.

October, Autumn, All Saints' Day... the period I often associated with fallen leaves, rain, cold; in short, with all those sad things that have often made me sigh in the face of nostalgia for summer.

But perhaps autumn is also a wonderful season. 

After all, the leaves fall off, but they are decked out in a thousand flamboyant colors; the rain falls, but it rolls off the rooftops in a crystalline symphony; the cold sets in, but it allows you to breathe fresh, invigorating air. 

And what if, in the end, October wasn't so boring or sad at all? J

ust because the summer vacations are over doesn't mean you can't travel anymore, on the contrary: there are many places to visit, even in France. 

I offer you a selection of the best places to go to in October in France, according to different destinations to be discovered via natural escapades and cultural walks.... 

Enough to definitively make peace with the month of October.

Prepare yourself a good cup of tea (or coffee), some small cookies and a good plaid.  
Are you comfortable? 
Then let's go: let's check out together where to go in October in France.

1. Where to go in October... And if you considered Le Jura?

Become a solo traveller (2).png

I'm sure you didn't see it coming... However, Le Jura offers a lot of opportunities to take advantage of for a nice getaway in October.

This department of Burgundy-Franche-Comté literally means, according to its Gallic etymology, "mountain forest". 

You will have understood it: going to Le Jura in October is a unique encounter with a colorful landscape. Valleys, plains and woods, this contrasted territory offers many hiking trails. 

And no, just because the days are getting shorter and colder doesn't mean that you shouldn't go on excursions in the middle of nature; I would even say that on the contrary, the autumn temperatures offer more pleasant walks.... And that the end of the day offers you some of the most dazzling sunsets. 

So take your sunglasses; you'll be amazed.

My favorite: the Crêt de Chalam

Inhale, exhale... Can you feel it, the great outdoors? Can't you feel it yet? 

Then imagine yourself in the heart of Le Jura massif, at an altitude of 1540 meter. Can you visualize the immense colorful forests around you? 

In 2 hours of walking, you can take advantage of the paths of the Valserine valley and the Forens stream to melt into nature. Located in the heart of the Jura Regional Natural Park, the Crêt de Chalam will allow you to admire the spectacular colors of the autumn month as well as a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc. 

Having had the chance to go there, I can only recommend this itinerary if you are looking for an accessible hike with beautiful panoramas at the key of your efforts.

The little extra is to bring something to drink at the summit. A good beer, a sunset, and why not, a small dry sausage...

To be enjoyed with family, friends, or alone; the pleasures are not reserved only for the group. Why not try a solo getaway?

Host a solo traveller (2).png

Three, two, one... Smile!

Beautiful photos are in perspective in this little-known region. In fact, the entire Jura massif abounds with trails to discover: it's up to you to choose what your next adventure will be in this beautiful region that I invite you to explore.

Find an authentic host in Jura.

2. Haute-Savoie and La Savoie: to each its own way!

Annecy Lake
Annecy Lake

I have to admit that I'm not totally objective: I spent 5 years between La Savoie and Haute-Savoie. 

But, let's face it: between lakes and mountains, towns and heritage, this territory is full of places to visit in October.

Annecy is a city full of charm: crossed by various canals, it clearly deserves its nickname "the Venice of the Alps". 

Popular with tourists in summer, the city is much more accessible in autumn, and its proximity to the mountains will allow you to go hiking to enjoy its exceptional setting. 

Chambéry, its little sister, also has a special cachet.

Did you know, for example, that it rests on thousands of stilts, like Venice?

Indeed, the city of Chambéry was founded on an ancient swamp. Decidedly, these Savoyards have (practically) nothing to envy their Italian neighbor. 

If you are afraid of the autumn cold, you can always warm up with a good raclette, tartiflette or croziflette. Cheese is a feast in the region! I can only recommend that you try it; Reblochon and Tomme de Savoie are a must as the temperature drops.

My favorite: the Annecy Lake

You must admit that the Annecy Lake has that little something that will make you fall under the spell. 

Famous for its water coming from mountain springs, it is even the second largest glacial lake in France... 

And if you are still not convinced by the beauty of the place, just contemplate the Alps that stretch around the lake. 

In autumn, the mountains take on an orange mantle that contrasts sharply with the blue of the water: it is even more stunning at sunset (or at sunrise for the most daring...) 

If you have already enjoyed Annecy Lake, there are others to discover: Lake of Bourget, Aiguebelette Lake... There is no shortage of choices in the region.

So, did I convince you?

Find an authentic host in Annecy.

3. New Aquitaine: the French version of the West Coast

New Aquitaine
New Aquitaine

If, like me, you love the vineyards as much for their autumn colors as for the wine (you need to hydrate when you walk!), then you won't be able to resist a wine getaway on the outskirts of Bordeaux to travel in October.

This is a piece of advice from Amélie: after visiting Bulgaria during her unlikely girls trip, she decided to go around this region on her own!

There are many different wine routes to follow to savor different grape varieties and enjoy countless activities. For example, the winegrowers of the Medoc Wine Route allow you to participate in the grape harvest, including the chateaux of Taillan and Paloumey. Half-day workshops are available exclusively during the autumn season. 

The vineyard of Cognac proposes for its part to the children to come to trample the grape... Enough to put "the foot" to the paste.

Finally, the Saint-Emilion wine route allows you to create your own wine flavor thanks to the B-Winemaker workshop through different blends of your choice. A tailor-made bottle to satisfy your taste buds... 

Whether by car, bicycle or on foot, a beautiful walk through the vineyards and fields is a great way to enjoy the fall show. Between glowing red landscapes and local wines, this getaway in New Aquitaine promises some tasty scenery. To discover without moderation!

If you think that your region should also be one of the must-sees of autumn, why not welcome a few female solo travellers into your home?


My favorite: the “Bassin des Lumières” (Lights Pool) in Bordeaux

This site is in my opinion a must for your stay in Bordeaux, especially in case of rain. 

Located in the heart of a former submarine base built by the German troops in 1940, it has now been rehabilitated to host the largest digital art center ... in the world! 

It has four basins where light projections are reflected and danced on the walls. A total immersive experience: music accompanies this visual show, for nearly 13,000m² of performance space.

This historic site has thus become an important art center, where various temporary exhibitions are proposed according to the themes of the moment.

To find out more about the current exhibitions, click here.

Lovers of modern and contemporary art, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this magical setting. 

Who said that autumn lacks lights?

Find an authentic host  in Bordeaux.

4. Go to Alsace or rather "im Elsàss"!


I was born in the Haut-Rhin (Southern part of Alsace) but believe me, it is not only out of patriotism that I recommend you to go to Alsace in October.

Between Strasbourg, Colmar and the villages of Kaysersberg, Riquewihr and Eguisheim, Alsace is full of jewels to discover, especially in autumn. 

The pink Vosges sandstone, this typical stone of the region, shines brightly under the auburn sun of October. 

The houses are also particularly colorful, and it is all the more enjoyable to admire these shards in a shimmering setting. 

The little extra is to enjoy a good pretzel during your walks. 
If Savoie brought you closer to Italy, you will have all the flavors of Germany here without leaving France... Even the singing accent will take you away from it all.

A warm region that contrasts with the cold of its autumns.

Not yet convinced? But there is no lack of activities. 

My favorite: the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

Haut-Ko-what? I reassure you, I also had trouble writing it down and I am not yet ready to pronounce it. I can promise you that the castle visit is just as folkloric as its name. 

Built in the 12th century, this fortified castle stands on top of a hill and offers an incredible view of the different valleys of the Vosges foothills. 

The interior is just as edifying: perfectly renovated, it allows a real immersion in the Middle Ages. Drawbridges, dungeons, weapons rooms, each room is more surprising than the previous one and allows you to follow nearly nine centuries of history as if you were there. 

A history book that will take you back in time to make you discover jewels of the old days.

In autumn, this castle is all the more resplendent: the pinkish color of the Vosges sandstone brings an additional nuance to the varied landscape among its wide range of colors. 

All Elsa (the queen of snow from Frozen) has to do is to behave herself: here you are, Queen of Autumn.

Find an authentic host in Strasbourg.

5. Brittany, a must-see


I'm not going to lie to you: yes, bad weather is common in October and yes, it is colder in autumn. Now that I have told you these two truths, let me explain why I decided to tell you about Brittany as a destination to go to in October.

First of all, for the invigorating side. 

The Brittany coast under the swell is a magnificent sight not to be missed, especially in case of a storm. Imagine a sea raging against cliffs, the wind blowing in your hair, in a landscape emptied of its tourists... Just nature and you. 

Isn't there anything more stimulating than this wild environment that only you can enjoy? 

Saint-Malo is also worth a visit in October. The Bretons reclaim their rights, in their yellow raincoats, to admire the waves around the ramparts or simply enjoy the quiet streets.

 The deserted beaches are calling out to you; and why not let yourself be tempted by a sand yacht activity to hurtle down the miles of sand pushed by the wind?

If it rains a lot, you don't have to look far: the Bretons are self-sufficient. 

Go to a local crêperie to enjoy a good invigorating meal and a glass of chouchen (Breton mead). Atmosphere and good mood guaranteed! 

My favorite : the big aquarium of Saint-Malo

More than 10,000 fish for 2 hours of immersion. The aquarium of Saint-Malo offers you a discovery of marine biodiversity, from the coldest seas to tropical waters. 
You will learn more about our oceans and the most unknown marine species.

That's not all; the aquarium also has two unique attractions: the Nautilus and the Abyssal Descender. 

The first one will certainly have evoked the famous submarine and indeed, you will have the opportunity to board this attraction to discover the ecosystems of nearly 5000 fish in immersion. 

The Abyssal Descender for its part is a simulator which will certainly make you want to dive into the meanders of the stories of Jules Vernes... 

A unique site in Europe for a real journey of 20,000 Leagues under the sea. 

Brittany is a region that is still underestimated, just as October is a neglected month. Let yourself be tempted by the combination of autumn and this preserved territory for an exceptional vacation.

Find an authentic host in Saint-Malo.

Aren't you already a little more inspired to leave for France in October?

Autumn is a decidedly under-rated season; under the pretext that it follows the heat of summer and precedes the joyous holiday season, we often  imagine grey and depressing months. 

However, it is the most colorful season; and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. 

After all, why would the holidays stop in summer?

If it's a question of budget, we've also put together for you a list of the cheapest destinations in France.

You see, going to France in October offers many opportunities to enjoy the new season. Halloween, that symbolic October holiday, is also a must for the fall. Personally, I believe that autumn will finally become my favorite season... What about you?


The editorial team:

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first-time adventurer, all NomadSister editors are passionate about travel. They share their advice and experiences with the desire to give you wings!

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