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QUIZ: Where to go travelling alone? Find the destination that suits you best.


Do you prefer warm countries, northern territories or remote areas? 

Every place in the world has its specificity and even if, in life, you more or less know what you like, in terms of countries, it's more complicated to decide.

You know which type of adventurer you are and are now looking for a destination to travel to? Rather North or South, Western or Eastern culture, in the end there are plenty of options. 

What if your preferences and daily habits could help you decide?

It's up to you to decide what suits you best, maybe you'll find your next solo trip destinations?

solo travel 2.png

Q1: What is your favourite season to go travelling alone?

A) Summer, the sun and its warmth: nothing better. 

B) Autumn, all these beautiful colours that offer beautiful landscapes.

C) Spring, the sweet scent of budding flowers.

D) Winter, the cold and white of the snow that soothes the landscape.

Q2: What kind of character best describes you?

A) Super friendly, you like to meet people and take part in events.

B) Extroverted and extravagant you love crowds and partying.

C) Open-minded, you enjoy discovering new cultures.

D) Calm, introverted, you love the beauty of silence.

Q3: What is your favourite food?

A) Spicy, it has to be tasty!

B) Gourmet, pizza or chocolate cake both suit you. 

C) Atypical, you are not afraid of special mixtures. 

D) Comforting, a warm dish that gathers people.

Q4: When you go on holiday you are more likely to look for...

A) Warm and authentic encounters, making friends.

B) Outings, thrills, a life at a thousand miles an hour.

C) Making as many cultural visits as possible (museums, temples, etc.).

D) The beauty of nature, the great outdoors and unusual landscapes.

Q5: Your totem animal is:

A) A jaguar, proud with presence.

B) A squirrel, super active and stocking food.

C) A red panda, zen and cute.

D) A polar bear, always with his family and friends and ready to share the last fish (or the last slice of pizza).

Q6: Your must-have to go travelling alone:

A) Sun cream, with your fragile skin, you can't leave without it.

B) A selfie stick, you are ready to photograph everything but with you in front of it.

C) A guide book.

D) A warm coat, you're not afraid of the cold, but your body might be!

Solo travel 3.png

Q7: What do you prefer to take pictures of?

A) The different colours, textures and materials that surround you.

B) You, your friends and evenings spent together.

C) Monuments, architectural beauty.

D) Unusual and breathtaking landscapes.

Q8: Your favourite drink:

A) Coffee, you can't start the day without it.

B) A soda, any one will do.

C) Tea, black, green before and after the meal, there is no time for a good tea.

D) Nothing beats a good glass of cool water!

Q9: Which TV show should I choose?

A) A report about local people and their culture from far away countries. 

B) A good old-fashioned reality show, to pass the time without being too concentrated.

C) A cooking show, to become a real cook even with an empty fridge.

D) A documentary on animals or eco-responsible with beautiful landscapes.

Q10: What do you like best about others?

A) That they are friendly, super friendly, that you are almost part of the family.

B) Whether they are talkative, spontaneous and frank.

C) Be polite and respectful, do not intrude on your personal space.

D) That they share the same passion as you.

You have a maximum of A) answers: Your destination not to be missed to go travelling alone is Mexico.
You like summer, warmth and friendliness: what if you tried Mexico for your next solo trip?

Whether you go on a road-trip across the country or decide to go couchsurfing in the main cities, you'll be amazed. And you're organising your first solo trip, you'll surely find someone to give you tips once there.

Here, no need to go with travel buddies, if you sleep in a local's house you will have a first contact with the people, much more interesting than if you sleep in a hotel and you will be very well received. You will be able to taste real local specialities such as fajitas, burritos or tamales, and you will have plenty to choose from.

Of course, not all the locals are the same and not all of them appreciate meeting foreigners, but most of them will welcome you with pleasure and make you discover the nightlife and the local customs.

Conviviality is part of the culture of the civilization and sharing is second nature, you will not be able to get rid of it. You will leave with beautiful memories and the feeling of having, for a moment, become part of the family.

As for the landscapes, between the big city, the forest abounding with temples of the Maya civilisations or the ocean with breaking waves on the coast, everything is quite different but the heat of the air and the thousand colours remain present. You will certainly find something to satisfy your eyes whatever your preferences. 

If you're still hesitating, our travel advices should help you take the right decision.

And if you are already convinced, find a host in Mexico!

You have a maximum of B) answers: Your not-to-be-missed destination to go travelling alone is the United States. 
The United States
The United States
Do you like offbeat, big cities and passionate people? If you go to the United States you'll be delighted about it!

Classic travel and the great cliché of road-trips by car, van or motorbike, the United States has many cities with different customs and lifestyles. Of course you can decide to travel through the big states one by one but if you like the out of the ordinary New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco will certainly live up to your expectations.

If fast change and life at a thousand miles an hour are the reasons that push you to go on solo trips, you will find your new happy place, New York is not known as the city that never sleeps for nothing. These three big cities are full of a whole host of different profiles, you just have to move from one neighbourhood to another to find yourself in a whole other world. 

If you want to party, no doubt if you choose one of these three cities, you've come to the right place, the night world is super exciting. Overall, no matter what type of activity you want to do; from rollerblading along Venice beach, to walking on the stars of the stars in Hollywood, there will always be a city to suit you. 

As for food, if you like fast food you will be served. In New York, it is much easier and cheaper to find a restaurant than a supermarket near you.

And to live an even more authentic adventure, sleep at a local's house, preferably with a safe homesharing platform (you can never be too careful). 

If you go with La Voyageuse, a friendly hostess will certainly be happy to advise you on places to visit and to teach you more about the local culture. A great reason to go on a solo holiday!


Who knows, you might even make new friends to come back to in the following years!

You have a maximum of C) answers: Your must-see destination to go travelling alone is Japan. 

Rather calm, you appreciate the setting and respect the rules. The noisy and big crowd, not really your thing. You’re particularly interested in novelty and sharing culture? In that case, why not go to Japan?

Very much based on respect for others and traditions, Japan has many customs that you can learn alongside the locals and if you travel solo as a woman you will surely feel safe. That said, if you choose to try homesharing, it will be very useful to respect the commandments that are attached to it so as not to offend your host. 

If you like spring and the beauty of the landscape at this time of year, Japan is the place for you. With its many cherry blossoms at this time of year, the entire country is covered in a magnificent variety of colours and refreshing smells that you can enjoy even without your travel friend

A country with a very different culture from the West, in terms of architecture and heritage you will have many monuments to appreciate and picture. As for the traditions, customs and even the food, they are quite different. For tea lovers, in Japan it is part of the culture and includes a ceremony with specific practices for tasting it.

A lot to learn for sure!

Having said that, be sure to check out the travel tips before going to Japan on your own, as the culture is so different that something that could seem normal to you might seem offensive to them. 

You have a maximum of D) answers: Your must-see destination to go travelling alone is Norway.
In search of wide expanses and unusual landscapes, Norway will delight you. 
If you love the cold, winter and unusual encounters, no doubt you've come to the right place. Equipped with your most beautiful hot coat and gloves so you don't lose your fingers, you will be able to admire a breathtaking spectacle. 

Here, say goodbye to your mental load and enjoy, this is the perfect place to go alone.

An ice landscape stretching as far as the eye can see, with the main inhabitants being mooses and polar bears, even the colourful houses of the locals are a real pleasure for the eyes. Sleigh rides or walks with a guide through the mountains, the activities on offer are certainly very unusual. 

Here there are no crowds or city noise, so you are sure to enjoy the peace and quiet around you and for the unexpected event to anticipate when you travel around the world, here it will make the trip even more authentic!

And in case of cold, a bit of Fårikål (a sheep and cabbage specialty) and the warmth of the locals around a fire will certainly warm you up. What better way to enjoy it than to sleep in a local's house?

You will share your stay with people who are passionate (who else would brave such cold weather?) and who are as eager to discover the beauty of the region as they are to help preserve it. An authentic and resourcing stay in a splendid and silent landscape like a true modern-day globetrotter.

You now have an idea for your next destination. All you have to do is pack your bags, your list of best gifts for a female solo traveller and get on with the adventure! 


The editorial team:

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first-time adventurer, all NomadSister editors are passionate about travel. They share their advice and experiences with the desire to give you wings!

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