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and travel with peace of mind

Once your Pass has been activated, you can, without limits, contact our validated hostesses and stay with them for free.

For the duration of your Pass, you have access to the entire community of women in solidarity all over the world.

With your Pass, you can take your female friends or your children with you at no extra cost.

The Passes can be purchased for yourself or offered to others.

Free accommodation for female travellers

Validated and supportive hostesses

A moderation and verification team

An authentic home-sharing experience

49 €
without renewal
Youth Pass

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89 €
without renewal
Discovery Pass 2 months

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139 €
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Travel Pass

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Our guarantees

Your Pass renewed free of charge for the desired period:


You have been unable to use your Pass for at least ⅓ of its duration.


Based on your doctor's recommendation, you were unable to travel during ⅓ of the duration of your Pass.


None of our hostesses could host you despite you sent out at least 5 requests while following our recommendations

Want to get involved in the community?

Get “Smiles” and get a decreasing price on the Pass (even possibly free of charge)

  • Become a hostess
  • Sponsor a traveller
  • Create digital content
  • Become an Ambassador
How to get involved

The joy of welcoming

Pleasure to give, joy to receive

  • Host women from all walks of life
  • Offer a reassuring shelter to female travellers
  • Share a privileged and convivial moment
  • Travel without leaving home
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