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All work and no play?
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Travel Work… escaping away!

Travelling for work

It is usually -arriving in a city, sleeping in a hotel room and leaving without having met anyone, without having really tasted the local culture. What if you could change that?

You will love your job.

You can combine the useful...

There's you, going to a seminar, training or business meeting. And there's this hotel, which is just a place to put your bags and to rest after a long day of work.

But once your business appointments are over, what do you do?
Forget the dreary evenings in your hotel room...

To the pleasure!

Meet the locals, share your stories with them and discover their generosity. You will leave with the best souvenirs - new friendships.

Thanks to NomadSister, you will find the right hostesses for your trip - supportive women who will understand you and share an authentic moment with you.

How does it work?


Register, complete your profile

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Buy a pass

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Contact the hostesses and travel

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Purchase a Pass

Thanks to the Pass, contact our volunteer hostesses.
There is no charge for accommodations afterwards.

Purchase a Pass

Our guarantees

Your Pass renewed free of charge for the desired period:


You have been unable to use your Pass for at least ⅓ of its duration.


Based on your doctor's recommendation, you were unable to travel during ⅓ of the duration of your Pass.


None of our hostesses could host you despite you sent out at least 5 requests while following our recommendations

Who are our hostesses?

They are women who live alone, with a partner or with their family, and are only volunteers.

They registered on NomadSister to provide a warm shelter to solo female travellers. As they are engaged in contributing to this community, they will be able to guide you and share their world with you. Next time you travel, think about them!.

They’ll warmly open their doors to you, so don’t hesitate to ask them about what they expect from you. They are all different, and their nice gestures and expectations are very personal.

Become a hostess

The safety and its price

We have a team in place to moderate and to verify profiles at every stage of registration.

All profiles that do not meet the criteria for registration and use can be flagged, suspended or sent back for validation. This represents a cost covered by the purchase of the passes.

Continuous verification

The platform has been designed from the first steps of registration, through the individual validation of profiles, to the follow-up of travel announcements to ensure maximum security, trip after trip.

Our hostesses are validated only validated after checking up their profiles and are regularly evaluated.

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