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10 gifts to please a woman passionate about solo traveling


It snows, it is cold, night falls quickly: Lapland is, at first sight, a hostile territory.

However, this remote region of Northern Finland offers an exceptional gift to the few brave women who are able to venture to the very end of these landscapes...

This is exactly what happened to me last year. 

I went to Lapland, in the heart of a snowy desert. I continued to advance despite the negative temperatures, despite the ambient darkness and I found, at the very end of my path, a burst of light.

I thought I was dreaming.

In front of me, a huge house surrounded by fir trees where many garlands were flashing, reflected by red and golden Christmas balls. I had arrived in front of Santa Claus home.

At that time of my life, I had lost the magic of the holidays and I thought that all these Christmas tales were just stories we tell children.

But all my scepticism was finally confronted by a huge bearded man with big cheeks reddened by the cold. 

He opened the door of his house before serving me a hot chocolate and inviting me to sit on a comfortable sofa.

"Oh oh oh, you've come a long way!"

Look out! Unless you are sure you are meeting Santa Claus, don't do as I did: don't enter the house of the first huge bearded man with big red cheeks you meet on your solo trip.

A small fire crackled in the fireplace, warming my icy toes. It smelled like gingerbread all across the room and I guessed a hint of cinnamon in the hot drink that was still steaming in my hands.

Then we talked for long hours when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. 

I told him that I had no idea but that I certainly didn't want one of those gifts specially designed "for girls".

"That's good, I've got lots of ideas for a solo female traveller like you!" 

If even Santa Claus supports female travellers... Frankly, there's no reason left for you to hesitate any longer to embark on the adventure.

Become a solo traveller (4).png

He then guided me through his incredible workshop to show me all the gifts he had designed exclusively for female adventurers.

Gift n°1 for a female solo traveller: a trip around the world in a single book

Host a solo traveller (2).png
"You may be a true adventurer but I'm sure you haven't seen yet all the world has to offer, have you?

This guide, published by the famous Lonely Planet guide, lists 220 destinations around the globe. That's almost 1600 must-see places on our good old planet. You'll also find 770 photos to give you a better idea of all these wonders. 

If you ask me, it's a must for a female solo traveller: it gives you thousands of ideas for your next trip.

In any case, with this book, you are sure to have an overview of all the countries of the world... And frankly, the Lonely Planet team makes very good guides. With them, you are sure to get useful and authentic information."

I took the book in my hands and I can tell you that it's really huge... 

Although I certainly can't visit everything, this guide would allow me to learn more about all the hidden beauties of the world. 

But Santa Claus was already on his way to another stall!

Where to find The World by Lonely Planet?

You can order it from your bookseller.
It is also available directly on the website of Lonely Planet.

Gift n°2: an unlimited Pass to meet trustworthy female hosts around the world

Woman reading a book.JPG
"I imagine that being a female solo traveller can be a risk when you know that, unfortunately, women are subject to more dangers. I remember discussing with Sylvie about her couchsurfing experience that went wrong, I found it aberrant!"

Yes, Santa Claus is a feminist.
He later confessed to me that he took part in some demonstrations to defend women's rights around the world... But never on Christmas Eve of course!

“What about a safe couchsurfing platform for women? This is what offers SisterHome, a company founded by Christina, whom I know very well... A Taiwanese woman whose mission is women empowerment through solo travels. Noble cause, isn't it?

So you can buy a Pass on their website, which gives you access, for one year, to the addresses of thousands of solidary female hosts around the world. That way, you can travel with peace of mind and be welcomed by a caring woman. A committed initiative that I find remarkable".

It's true that there are inspiring women, who accept to host women in their house to offer them a warm home during their adventure... There should be more superheros like them!

two women sit on a coach.JPG

In addition, Santa Claus explained to me that you could also buy a Pass as a present for someone close to you.

This would help a lot of women take flight and become female solo travellers!

Where to find a Pass from La Voyageuse?

On the dedicated page of the platform.

Gift n°3: a universal conversation guide

reading a book.JPG
I have noticed that Santa Claus is a very cheerful person. He runs from one corner of his factory to the other under the dismayed gaze of his elves (who do not like to be disturbed in the middle of their work…)

"Wait, I have another idea for you! What do you think of a universal conversation guide? What do they call it... Ah, here it is: Universal Communicator."

He handed me the book, which I quickly flipped through while he explained what it’s for. 

"It's a guide published by the Ulysses. They have listed almost a hundred pages of useful illustrations for a female solo traveller. 

That way, when you have trouble making yourself understood by a local, you can show him a picture to express what you're looking for. If something unexpected happens during your trip, this guide can save you!

You'll find illustrations for transport, accommodation, food and way more.
Frankly, if you hesitate to go abroad because of the language barrier, this gift can come in handy".

I was about to tell him that I found this idea as amusing as it was useful when he rushed to get a new gift.

Where to find Universal Communicator by Ulysse?

You can order it from your bookseller.
It is also available from the platform of Ulysse guide.

Gift n°4: reusable food containers

food containers.JPG
I have learned that Santa Claud is not only feminist but also eco-friendly.

He is concerned about the planet and notices from Lapland how global warming is affecting the quality of the snow around his house. 

"The problem is that traveling pollutes a lot, which is the last straw: we travel to discover the planet but we hurt it... 

So why not buy reusable products? 

For example, for meals, instead of using plastic, you can think of a cloth napkin to slip your sandwich into. There are some very nice ones, I have some myself when I go on expeditions around the world.

It's the same with plastic bottles... I've been investing in a foldable water bottle for a long time. It's very practical: it's reusable and when it's empty, instead of taking up unnecessary space, I fold it up and put it away.

I also always carry reusable transport cutlery with me at all times. That way, I can enjoy all the meals that are left at the foot of the Christmas tree when I bring presents."

Where to find these reusable food containers?

On the Etsy platform, which showcases the creativity of local craftsmen and second-hand products in a responsible and sustainable way.

There are also tutorials for making your own fabric lunch bags.

Gift n°5: durable hygiene products

durable hygiene products.JPG
"It's not only the plastic of food that pollutes when we travel: shower gels, shampoos... All of this has a serious impact.

My wife often accompanies me on my travels, since I took the quiz to find out who my ideal travel friend is. So I offered her solid shampoos and soaps. It takes up a lot less space in her things, but on top of that, there's no plastic waste from the bottle! Also, her hair looks even better now that she doesn't put toxic products on her head anymore."

Santa Claus is very enthusiastic when it comes to hygiene products, I didn't expect his other idea:

"You're a female solo traveller: so what do you do when you have your period? Because I had a great idea: menstrual underwears, washable sanitary pads, or even the moon cup! That way, less toxic products for you, less waste on the planet, and a lot of space saved for your solo trips."

Hygiene when travelling rhymes with sustainability!

Where to find sustainable hygiene products?

For solid shampoos and soaps, in different organic shops or online as proposed by Lamazuna.

For washable sanitary pads and menstrual panties, various brands working with organic cotton producers such as SheThinx.

Gift n°6 : a travel notebook

Woman readin a travel notebook.JPG
I was telling Santa Claus the anecdotes of Amélie in Bulgaria when he rushed to a notebook placed on the corner of a huge table.

"A TRAVEL NOTEBOOK, that's quite an idea for a female solo traveller!

Because personally, the photos, phones and company, I’ve never appreciated them. I prefer to take notes, every night, of my memories and emotions of the day... It leaves a trace of your experience: you write down what you lived.
I find that there is nothing stronger than rereading your old texts years later, when your memory starts to weaken.

A notebook is not just a collection of paper sheets: it is the support of your memories, like the key to your secret garden. 

I'm sorry, I sometimes get carried away by impulses of poetry.

But Father Christmas is right. Taking the time to write down a few anecdotes of your day is the best way to keep the memory alive... Like a written trace of a past that belongs only to you.

Where to find a travel notebook?
The various bookshops and papermakers offer them in their shops.
Other models are available on Etsy.

Gift n°7 : an ultimate kit for backpacker

Kit for backpacker.JPG
"Well, if not, I thought of something quite basic but still very practical: a survival kit for the adventurers.

You never know: if one day you need to build a fire, tie a rope to catch something, or even if you've lost your way and need a compass.

This kit is full of essentials to have when you are a female solo traveller. 

Plus, it takes up very little space!"

I opened the little box he was handing me. 

Flashlights, fire-making kit, a 2-metre rope tied into a single bracelet, compass, emergency blanket, small portable saw...Everything was there. 

Indiana Jones has only to behave himself: today's globetrotter is you.

Where to  find the ultimate backpacker kit?

You can buy pre-designed ones on l’Avant Gardiste, or you can compose one yourself according to the needs of the solo traveller to whom you plan to give it.

Gift n°8: a suitcase organizer

suitcase organizer.JPG
Santa knows all about luggage storage: he has millions of bags to prepare before he goes on a trip every year. No wonder he knows Sylvie so well: she had to share her advice for a 7kg backpack with him!

"The secret is to compartmentalise your belongings well. 

You find foldable bags where you can put different contents: one for your socks, another for your jumpers... And that way, when you organize your suitcase, you can simply stack the bags next to each other. 

When you're looking for a specific object, like a t-shirt for example, just pull out the t-shirt box instead of turning everything upside down!

It's like this great hanging toiletry bag... It's very well compartmentalised and when you open it, nothing falls out. Just hang it on a piece of the wall and you're done! That's the true magic of Christmas!"

I thought of all the times when my toilet bag didn't have a place in the bathroom... I had to empty it every time on the bed just to find my toothbrush. 

With this system, I was sure I would never get into trouble again.

Where to find suitcase organisers?

Etsy offers useful kits to compartmentalize your belongings in a bag and also different types of hanging toiletry bags.

Gift n°9: a tear-proof map

Woman looking at a map.JPG
On a wall in his studio there was a set of maps representing the different major cities of the world. 

I must have had a curious look because Santa Claus finally led me to the maps.

"Whether you have a sense of direction or not, these maps are very practical... They are indestructible! 

You can twist them, wet them, fold them in all directions, nothing will change: they will stay as good as new.

What do you think I do when I'm looking for an address in the middle of a blizzard?"

I told him that I was convinced he was using a location application on the phone, like many other people, which he laughed at.

"I already told you: I don't like smartphones. 

If you accidentally drop it in the water, or if it runs out of battery - not to mention the risk of having it stolen! - you'll find yourself lost without a backup device... 

Whereas with a paper map, especially if it's untearable, you're sure you'll never lose your way."

Having one of these maps should finally be one of my travel advice for a solo trip.

Where to find a tear-proof map?

As the concept is still new, you can find these cards on the website of the Palomar brand, an Italian design company based in Florence.

Gift n°10 : a washing machine bag

Woman using a washing machine bag.JPG

(picture taken from: https://thescrubba.com/collections/all)

I saw four elves discussing a new invention: a green bag.

Each one had a computer open to complex mathematical formulas... 
I didn't understand their calculations, however, Santa Claus explained their idea to me.

"It is a take away washing machine! It's actually a small bag that you can bring everywhere with you. All you have to do is put your dirty laundry in it, a bit of soap - if it's solid it's even better! - and some water before rubbing one side against the other of the bag.

Your laundry will be washed and clean. No need to spend your savings on a washing machine, or to look for a town when you had planned to travel to the countryside. With this bag, you can be sure you can camp wherever you want without having to worry about the laundry... 

Plus, if you think about it, you can even take fewer clothes with you. 

I'm proud of my elves, they really don't lack creativity."

It was with slight emotion that Santa watched his little elves debating around their meeting table. 

I had no idea that his workshop looked so much like a company!

Where to find a washing machine bag?

Directly from the web site of the brand selling it: Scrubba.

"Well, if with all these ideas you still don't know what present you want to get, I can't do anything for you..."

We were back in Santa's living room. 

I told him that I didn't care about the gift: I had many more questions to ask him, to understand how he had managed to hide from the world for so long, how he was only able to cross the globe in a single night...

The smile with which he answered me will remain engraved in my memory for a long time.

"I can't give you an answer, because the very principle of Christmas magic is wonder. How could you still be amazed if you learned all my secrets?"

It was snowing even more than when I arrived: I could see the wind blowing over the trees from the windows... But I had to leave because a supportive female host was waiting for me at her house. 

Santa Claud then offered to drive me to my host thanks to his huge sleigh. I have to admit that we are very comfortable there and the ride was very fast. 

On the other hand, we didn't escape the freezing cold: I swore to find a sunny destination where I could go in February to counter the winter.

"So, before you leave: what gift would make you, as a female solo traveller, most happy? Tell me and I'll give it to you."

We had arrived at the front door of my accommodation for the night.

I thought for a moment before giving him my answer...

What would you have said to Santa Claus?


The editorial team:

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first-time adventurer, all NomadSister editors are passionate about travel. They share their advice and experiences with the desire to give you wings!

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